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In Tune to Nature is an eco & animal protection weekly radio show broadcast from Atlanta on Radio Free Georgia Wednesdays from 6:30-7pm EST on wrfg.org and 89.3FM. About 23 minute podcasts featuring interviews with activists, scientists, and authors who help us protecting living beings and our shared habitats. Hosted by Carrie Freeman or Sonia Swartz.


This provocative discussion on Dr. Khazaal's book "Like an Animal" explores the intersection of immigration, discrimination, the problematic human/animal divide, and speciesism, within the context of advancing a mutual concern for human rights and nonhuman animal rights. In this 27-minute podcast, "In Tune to Nature" host Carrie Freeman interviews Dr. Natalie Khazaal, Assistant Professor in the School of Modern Languages at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), discussing the book she co-edited with Spanish scholar Nuria Almiron, called “Like an Animal: Critical Animal Studies Perspectives on Borders, Displacement, and Othering” (Brill 2021).

“In Tune to Nature" broadcasts every Wednesday at 6:30pm Eastern Time online at www.wrfg.org and on Atlanta radio station 89.3FM. It is hosted by either Carrie Freeman, Sonia Swartz, or Melody Paris. The views and opinions expressed on this show do not necessarily reflect those of WRFG, its board, staff, or volunteers. We hosts are volunteers.

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Remember to take care of yourself and others, including other species.  

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Based on humanity's subconscious anxiety at admitting we are mortal animals, we seek immortality through a denial of death and our animality. Dr. Lori Marino discusses this topic in her research paper with Michael Mountain on terror management theory explaining studies showing that human recognition of our animality and our mortality (as fellow vulnerable creatures) makes us prone to creating out-groups and discriminating against them, particularly nonhuman animals (as a survival mechanism of sorts).  Host Carrie Freeman discusses with Dr. Marino the implications these research findings have for how we should proceed in protecting animals from this discriminatory bias caused by humanity's psychological self-protective need to exalt ourselves above other animal species, leading to exploitation.

Neuroscientist and former Emory Professor Lori Marino, PhD is the Founder and Executive Director of the Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy. https://www.kimmela.org/  A link to her co-authored study can be found here: https://www.kimmela.org/2021/11/26/i-am-not-an-animal-kimmela-white-paper/ 

This 26-minute interview was recorded in December of 2021 for Radio Free Georgia’s “In Tune to Nature” program. The show airs every Wednesday from 6:30-7pm EST on Atlanta radio station 89.3FM and https://wrfg.org/   (please go to that website to support this indie progressive radio station with a donation. Thanks)

Take care of yourself and others, including other species.

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Did you know that birds tend to migrate at night, and light pollution from our homes and buildings can mess up their navigation and cause deadly collisions? Birdcast.info is a website and a research/outreach project that has maps that forecast bird migrations across North America, which are especially prevalent in spring and fall. In this 25-minute interview, host Carrie Freeman talks with Project Leader Julia Wang of Birdcast as she explains how we can reduce light pollution across our cities to save the lives of birds, reducing their needless suffering and species loss. Let's go lights out after 11pm in homes and commercial buildings and put our outdoor lights on timers. 

In Tune to Nature airs every Wednesday from 6:30-7pm EST on wrfg.org and 89.3FM-Atlanta on Radio Free Georgia. It is hosted by Carrie Freeman, Sonia Swartz, or Melody Paris. Please support non-commercial indie media like Radio Free Georgia at https://wrfg.org/   Subscribe to In Tune to Nature on major streaming sites.

Take care of yourself and others, including other species -- like birds!

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North America’s animals can’t be restricted to living within park boundaries and must migrate freely. The vision of Y2Y is an interconnected system of wild lands and waters stretching 2,000 miles from Yellowstone National Park in Montana to the Yukon region near Alaska in Northern British Columbia, Canada. The nonprofit’s U.S. Program and Adaptive Management Coordinator, Hannah Rasker, explains how the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) works with a network of partners, collaboratively, to knit this landscape together from one jurisdiction to the next. Their website is https://y2y.net/

In this 23-minute this interview in October 2021 with “In Tune to Nature” host Carrie Freeman, Hannah explains how wildlife corridors out west benefit species like grizzlies and wolves and elk, especially the highway overpasses and underpasses that are being built to funnel wildlife into safe crossing zones to traverse highways without deadly vehicle collisions. We discuss ways we can make these wildlife crossing bridges a priority across all regions.

In Tune to Nature airs every Wednesday from 6:30-7pm EST on wrfg.org and 89.3FM-Atlanta on Radio Free Georgia. It is hosted by Carrie Freeman, Sonia Swartz, or Melody Paris. Please support non-commercial indie media like Radio Free Georgia at https://wrfg.org/   Subscribe to In Tune to Nature on major streaming sites.

Take care of yourself and others, including other species!

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We talk about interspecies justice, animal rights, personhood, and earth jurisprudence from a legal and ecofeminist perspective, putting animal rights in context of intersectional social justice activism, with guest Dr. S. Marek Muller, Associate Professor of Rhetoric at Florida Atlantic Univ and author of the book “Impersonating Animals: Rhetoric, Ecofeminism, and Animal Rights Law” (Michigan State Univ Press). She ends by describing how a critical vegan rhetoric can be a transformative and inclusive communicative perspective to advance interspecies justice (for all of us).

This 33-minute podcast was recorded in Sept 2021 and is hosted by Carrie Freeman, for the In Tune to Nature eco radio program airing Wednesday nights from 6:30-7pm EST on Radio Free Georgia (wrfg.org 89.3FM-Atlanta, an indie, non-commercial, progressive radio station). Hosted by Carrie, Sonia Swartz, or Melody Paris. 



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Wildlife biologist and journalist Doug Chadwick talks with host Carrie Freeman about his latest conservation book “Four Fifths a Grizzly: A New Perspective on Nature that Just might Save us All" promoting the genealogical kinship we have with fellow animals and even plants and microbes. This beautiful book (part photo book, part nonfiction natural science book, part biographical storytelling book) helps us gain a perspective as part of the animal kingdom and natural world in the hopes we might work harder to save animals and their habitats from extinction. "Four Fifths a Grizzly" shares positive examples such as the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative that connects many wilderness regions to allow needed migrations for many species, including grizzly bears (the book's inspiration). 

This 26 minute podcast is hosted by Carrie Freeman for Radio Free Georgia's In Tune to Nature program, which is broadcast each Wednesday from 6:30-7pm EST on 89.3FM-Atlanta radio and streams live on wrfg.org (hosted by Carrie, Sonia Swartz or Melody Paris). Please consider supporting this indie, noncommercial progressive radio station at www.wrfg.org  Many of the "In Tune to Nature" podcasts hosted by Carrie can be found at https://cpfreeman.podbean.com/ 

For more information on Doug Chadwick's book and his interesting bio, see the Patagonia book publisher website.


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Award-winning animal photojournalism pioneer Jo-Anne McArthur of We Animals Media tells us about the growing field of courageous animal photojournalists worldwide who visually tell the stories of nonhuman animals, by specializing in animal protection issues and undercover investigations of captive animals -- like in farms, zoos, aquariums, markets, and labs. You can see and use some of these compelling images on the We Animals stock photo archive    https://stock.weanimalsmedia.org/

We Animals Media is a nonprofit open to donations. https://weanimalsmedia.org/  They have books and a master class for those interested in the field of animal photojournalism. 

This 26-minute "In Tune to Nature" podcast features host Carrie Freeman, and was originally broadcast on Sept 8th, 2021 on Radio Free Georgia. In Tune to Nature airs every Wed at 6:30-7pm EST on wrfg.org and 89.3FM-Atlanta. Hosted by volunteers Sonia Swartz, Melody Paris, or Carrie Freeman.

Please support nonprofit independent radio like Radio Free Georgia at https://wrfg.org/ 

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An investigation by the DeSmog Blog team & journalist Caroline Christen explains how giant meat companies "climate-wash" -- misinform the public and politicians to avoid being held accountable for their large contributions to the climate crisis. Caroline outlines misleading tactics from the meat industry playbook meant to delay a needed shift away from animal-based foods. In this 25-minute interview, Carrie Freeman (host of "In Tune to Nature") interviews journalist Caroline Christen, author of "Investigation: How the Meat Industry is Climate-Washing its Polluting Business Model"

Photo credit: Cows outside of a JBS slaughterhouse in Texas. By Jonathan Tilove / American-Statesman

You can find Caroline's full article at the DeSmog Blog: https://www.desmog.com/2021/07/18/investigation-meat-industry-greenwash-climatewash/     Along with more data on the investigation, including a database of profiles on individual ag companies https://www.desmog.com/agribusiness-database-/ and a factsheet of criticisms and concerns about meat / beef industry climate claims  https://www.desmog.com/2021/07/18/meat-industry-climate-claims-criticisms-and-concerns/ 

In Tune to Nature is a radio program on WRFG.org (Radio Free Georgia), airing each Wednesday from 6:30-7pm EST in Atlanta on 89.3FM, hosted by either Sonia Swartz, Melody Paris, or Carrie Freeman. Like us at www.facebook.com/intunetonature 

Please consider donating to support this independent nonprofit radio station at www.wrfg.org  Thank you. 

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Author and animal activist Justin Barker shares his inspiring, true, coming-of-age, queer teen heroism story in "Bear Boy" (www.bearboy.org) of liberating Ursula and Brutus, two black bears languishing in a cage at a zoo in California in the 1990s. Through commitment and perseverance, he investigated and documented their conditions, garnered media attention, raised rescue funds across the nation, and held public officials accountable, to ultimately get this brother and sister bear pair moved to a sanctuary to spend their remaining years getting the help and care they needed and deserved.

In this 24-minute "In Tune to Nature" podcast, host Carrie Freeman interviews Justin Barker to tell us his teen activism success story and give us tips on how we can stand up for animals in our communities too.  https://cpfreeman.podbean.com/ 

In Tune to Nature is an eco and animal protection radio show that airs every Wednesday at 6:30pm on Atlanta indie station Radio Free Georgia wrg.org on 89.3FM-Atlanta. Please financially support and listen to independent noncommercial media like Radio Free Georgia. https://wrfg.org/   

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The authors of the book Ending Parkinson's Disease have a campaign at www.endingpd.org to get the U.S. to ban chemicals (like the de-greaser TCE) linked to the rising rates of Parkinson's Disease in US. These doctors are asking us to write the head of the EPA and President Biden to ask them to specifically ban Trichloroethylene (TCE), Paraquat (an agricultural chemical), and Chlorpyrifos, as well as ask for a needed increase in Parkinson's research funding, since rates of the disease keep rising (and these dangerous toxins persist in the air, water, and soil). Will we do something now to perhaps save the youngest generation from getting poisoned? And what are all these chemical toxins doing to the other species, like the wildlife, with whom we share the planet? 

"In Tune to Nature" host Carrie Freeman introduces the subject and her personal connection to it and then plays part of an endingpd.org 2020 webcast interview on the risks of the de-greasing solvent TCE (talking to a toxicology researcher and a lawyer with Parkinson's who is an advocate for change). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqYpE5wEPJE 

30 minute Podcast. Broadcast on July 14, 2021 on Radio Free Georgia on 89.3FM www.wrfg.org  (a nonprofit, noncommercial progressive radio station that relies upon donations).

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