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In Tune to Nature is an eco & animal protection weekly radio show broadcast from Atlanta on Radio Free Georgia Wednesdays from 6:30-7pm EST on wrfg.org and 89.3FM. About 23 minute podcasts featuring interviews with activists, scientists, and authors who help us protecting living beings and our shared habitats. Hosted by Carrie Freeman or Sonia Swartz.

December 22, 2020

Cultivating a Human Animal Earthling Identity to Build Alliances Between Social Causes

In this 50-minute interview with author Dr. Carrie Freeman, fellow activist and host Melody Paris discusses the ideas within Carrie's newest book The Human Animal Earthling Identity: Shared Values Unifying Human Rights, Animal Rights, and Environmental Movements (2020, UGA Press), such as:

  • why identity and values matter to social change,
  • how animal rights can be a bridge between human and nonhuman protection,
  • common opponents and root causes of social and ecological problems,
  • how empathy, respect, and coexistence relate,
  • how social movement organizations can better serve as allies for other causes, and
  • values that befit the Human Animal Earthling identity and how to enact them in ways that are biocentric and inclusive of all living beings.

It ends by discussing some ways to overcome philosophical tensions around meat eating, non-native species, and wildlife management, as well as listing 13 projects around which social movements could build coalitions.

You can find out more about the book at www.humananimalearthlings.com 

This podcast is a joint show that originally aired on Dec 30th 2020 on WRFG Radio Free Georgia 89.3FM-Atlanta for Second Opinion Radio (Melody Paris, host) and In Tune to Nature (Carrie Freeman, host).

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