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In Tune to Nature is an eco & animal protection weekly radio show broadcast from Atlanta on Radio Free Georgia Wednesdays from 6:30-7pm EST on wrfg.org and 89.3FM. About 23 minute podcasts featuring interviews with activists, scientists, and authors who help us protecting living beings and our shared habitats. Hosted by Carrie Freeman or Sonia Swartz.

December 14, 2021

Humanity‘s Quest for Immortality Triggering Denial of Animality: An Interview with Dr. Lori Marino

Based on humanity's subconscious anxiety at admitting we are mortal animals, we seek immortality through a denial of death and our animality. Dr. Lori Marino discusses this topic in her research paper with Michael Mountain on terror management theory explaining studies showing that human recognition of our animality and our mortality (as fellow vulnerable creatures) makes us prone to creating out-groups and discriminating against them, particularly nonhuman animals (as a survival mechanism of sorts).  Host Carrie Freeman discusses with Dr. Marino the implications these research findings have for how we should proceed in protecting animals from this discriminatory bias caused by humanity's psychological self-protective need to exalt ourselves above other animal species, leading to exploitation.

Neuroscientist and former Emory Professor Lori Marino, PhD is the Founder and Executive Director of the Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy. https://www.kimmela.org/  A link to her co-authored study can be found here: https://www.kimmela.org/2021/11/26/i-am-not-an-animal-kimmela-white-paper/ 

This 26-minute interview was recorded in December of 2021 for Radio Free Georgia’s “In Tune to Nature” program. The show airs every Wednesday from 6:30-7pm EST on Atlanta radio station 89.3FM and https://wrfg.org/   (please go to that website to support this indie progressive radio station with a donation. Thanks)

Take care of yourself and others, including other species.

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